66 ata

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    2009 Marzocchi 66 ATA, or RC3

    I made the mistake of buying a 2008 55R about 4 months ago and that was was a disaster. After several repairs Marzocchi seems to agree to sell a 66 while giving me a full refund for the 55R. So I try to decide which 66 to take. Looking at the specs, the 66 ATA looks very tempting compared the 66...
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    Choose Fork for BigHit: 66, Monster T, or DJ2

    I'm building up a shuttle bike for Snowshoe. It's an '03 BigHit. I weigh 210 lbs., so the bike and fork need to be burly, although I'm a wuss and won't be doing big drops or gap jumps. I just want to bomb down the mountain with the occasional 6' drop or tabletop jump here and there. I have...