1. A

    2009 Marzocchi 888 service info.

    Hello everyone, I am currently building a DH/Freeride bike for a friend, and it is a 2009 Kona Garbanzo Primo, the bike came with a Marzochhi 888 fork, and I want to do a full service on it before it hits the trail. I am having a hard time finding specific info on this fork, if anyone has some...
  2. D

    2008 888RC3 Internals swap to 2009 888 RCV

    Hello people, I was wondering If anyone of you cold help me or contact me with someone tha can. A friend of a friend of mine broke his 2008 888RC3 at the arc, he got himslef an used 2009 888 RC3WC and I was thinking to swap the RC3 internals to my 2009 888 RCV. The lowers seem to be the same...
  3. markcm

    Identify this 20mm Marzocchi axle

    I have two 2007 marzocchi 888 forks, one without an axle. I also have an un-identified 20mm alxe which I believe is a marzocchi and appears to be the correct length but is raised (increased diameter) on one end. I also don't recall if my 888 axle has inside or outside threads non fixed end...
  4. N

    How to fix the crunching in your 66rc2x or 888rc2x

    This process is only for the 66 and 888 rc2x models. both use the same damping and structure. on difference is the spring size and travel. If you are getting crunching from your fork and has not been that way for a while then this is for you. The bike shop will not fix it since they do not...