1. U

    For Sale 2011 Banshee Legend MK2

    Frame: 2012 Banshee Legend MKII Fork: Manitou Dorado Pro Shock: Manitou Revox Pro w/ 300lb spring Rear Derailleur/Shifter: Shimano Saint Brakes: Hayes Stroker Ace Wheelset: Easton Havoc DH Handlebars: Answer ProTaper 760mm I am located in North Fontana, CA and work in Pasadena, CA so we can...
  2. A

    best chainguide for 951

    im looking for a chainguide for my 951... the iscg mounts are definitely weak for taking hits from a "taco" style chainguide my bottom iscg mount hole has the first few rows of threads stripped out already...so... any recommendations? i have gamut p30/sunline in mind... my friend said...
  3. ivanfiestas

    Intense 951 owners: What springs are you running?

    Hi, since there is a little confusion about the spring rates that people should be using on their 951, I though we all could list here our specs, in this order. RIDER WEIGHT (WITHOUT GEAR) - SHOCK - SPRING RATE - SETTING OF INCHES (8 or 8.5) List of users and specs: Ivan...
  4. ivanfiestas

    My new Intense 951

    Hi guys, after two months waiting, today I finally got my new Intense 951 frame. I thought I would post some pics and a time lapse video after doing the job :thumb: Enjoy!
  5. noox

    Real Weight of Intense 951 Frameset

    Has anybody weighted a 951 frame (M) with Fox RC4 shock? I read that the M is 9.5 lbs/4.3 kg. At Slicklines they have weighted a 951 (L) with Cane Creek and steel spring and came up with 4908 g (10.82 pound). Where comes this big discrepancy? I cannot belive that the Cane Creek and the...
  6. dap

    New 951 (Large)

    Well, I finally got it built up and took a quick photo of it from my phone before it got too dark and I couldn't ride. Large Intense 951 Fox RC4 Marz 888rc2x (07) - going fox or boxxer Cane Creek XXc Holzfeller OCT/Howizter BB MRP Mini-G CrankBros XX (mags) 729 front / hadley (823 on way) 823...