1. sanjuro

    Another way how the Yankees are better than the Red Sox

    We have the highest priced ticket...
  2. 4xBoy


    Favre of cycling. Thoughts?
  3. sanjuro

    Man Dragged by Van thru NYC for 17 miles

    I am just going to post the headline: Burning smell fails to tip off driver who drags man 17 miles underneath van http://www.nydailynews.com/news/ny_crime/2009/02/11/2009-02-11_burning_smell_fails_to_tip_off_driver_wh.html
  4. sanjuro

    Am I paranoid?

    I was walking to lunch on a quiet industrial park street, and I was careful to walk against traffic and I cut across a lawn instead of walking around a blind corner. I try to be extra careful with most things involving cars and biking. I am being paranoid or do other people do the same thing?