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  1. S

    What tune for Vivid Air on Evil Revolt?

    Since my rc4 blew up I'm thinking of putting a Vivid air on my Revolt, does anyone know what tune to get? Anyone with experience of it?
  2. Grisha

    Vivid Air: What compression for my Cove Shocker DH

    Hey, I'm about to buy a Vivid Air shock for my Cove Shocker DH, but I need to know if I need low, mid or high compression. I weigh about 70kg (with all my gear). Cheers, Greg
  3. T

    Help with fork

    Hello. Recently when i was in the process of making my gt moto a singlespeed, i had some down time and started to fool around with my marzocchi drop off comps. Knowing nothing about my fork, i took off the duster caps and pressed in the valve, resulting in a large loss of air. The forks are not...
  4. F

    08 Boxxer Team help needed.

    My Boxxer Team doesn’t seem to get full travel, so I looked around the forum and found out that I should burp the lowers, but with the Team having a spring are you just supposed to burp the MoCo leg? Is there an opening in the spring leg so air can travel between the lowers and the spring...

    Post your "going big air" or road gap photo!

    Post your "going big air" or road gap photo! Let the sickness begin........... - - - - -