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  1. Heidi

    Bike Parking

    Yesterday was the ribbon cutting of a new bike parking spot in Bend. It's a primo spot right in front of Thump Coffee in the heart of the downtown district. They reclaimed a car spot and put in a giant red bike rack an artist designed and donated. Things sometimes work out for the better for...
  2. T

    Bike maintenence help

    Hi. My rear brake disc (Tektro IO Mechanical Disc Brakes btw, 160mm if it matters) keeps coming loose and I don't have the right type of driver for the bolts. Closest I have is this hex wrench that kinda sorta gets the job done for like a day or two until the disc comes loose. Apparently...
  3. T

    tweaker of the day

    some tweaker came in to the shop today (one that that the owner helped out with his bike) with 5 pounds of shredded cheese and a couple packages of nasty ass lunch meat trying to get some one to give him 3$ so he could get bread and make us samiches