alcoholic loser

  1. Total Heckler

    Who is getting Loko this weekend?!

    There is a new(ish) drink on the market called Four Loko. It is a cafffeinated, alcoholic energy drink that has malt liquor as its base and contains 12% alcohol by volume sold in a 23.5oz can. Here are some amazing stories from Four Loko users :rofl: : http://fourlokostories.com/
  2. DirtyMike

    I feel better

    Do you ?????
  3. T

    I got my ass beat. Sorta

    My best friend threw a big party last night. Couple kegs few hundred people, a party. I was in the basement when I saw an empty keg roll down the stairs and crash into the wall. I run upstairs and outside to see what's going on and there are a bunch of "thugged out" rich kids getting rowdy and...