1. RUFUS

    I'm drunk

    Someone talk to me before I facebook ex girlfriends and ex-wife. (ex-wife just to **** with her head now that she is engaged again).
  2. RUFUS

    Check out these slam pigs.

    First women officers chosen for sub duty. At least they picked the ugly ones. http://news.yahoo.com/video/us-15749625/first-women-chosen-for-sub-duty-excited-19605966
  3. MMike

    Currently drinking cheap scotch

    I have a nasty cold. Stayed home from work and everything. Amazing the medicinal properties of scotch. Johnny walker red. No point in drinking the good stuff when I'm messed up. But my throat feels a million times better I wonder what we should do for dinner today.
  4. sstalder5

    Micro Brew vs. Mass-Production Beer

    So lately I've been drinking Magic Hat #9 instead of my normal Budweiser for parties and such, and I was just wondering if you guys think its worth it to get good beer when cheap beer will still do the trick. Where I am a 6-pack of Magic Hat (favorite brewery ever) is about the same as a 12-pack...
  5. DirtyMike

    Thank god I have scotch

    Cause my ****ing laptop just got railed witha nasty ****ed up virus.... Lost 30 gigs of music, 20 ish of video, My resume, 20 or so of pictures....... ****
  6. boogenman


    EDIT: I changed the title because other parts of the piggy are pretty damn delicious. Tacos are the #1 food I like to eat and a bacon taco is not as good as a taco made with slow braised pork shoulder:drool:
  7. Damo

    Monster vs Redbull

    I'm drunk. Albeit on Monster-Absolut. Who'd win in a fight? What's the favourite?
  8. sanjuro

    Absinthe, Malt Liquor & IPA - bad combination

    I am really fcked up!
  9. Damo

    im drunk again

    i used the term drunk because you sepos dont know ehat pissed means. whos with me?
  10. Colonel Angus

    Do NOT try this at home...

    Woke up Sunday morning with a pretty good (bad?) hangover, and decided it would be a good idea to clean the oven. Boy, was I ever wrong. Thankfully, no pics.
  11. Potroast88

    im loaded

    so fck it
  12. lovebunny

    never shave drunk.

    it just hurts, and you dont realize it til the next morning:cheers:
  13. bitingback

    A Threesome Too Much for Even ME

    http://www.drinkoftheweek.com/blog/three-wise-men/ my bike club had their annual awards party on Sunday and a punk*ss friend of mine that i ride with bought me one of those without telling me what it was first. all he said was "it will get you where you want to go". kneeling over the porcelin...
  14. Slugman

    How much do I miss CA?

    Enough to build a bike to leave there! I'm sure -BB- won't mind. Finally have guy working for us in SoCal which means I’ll be taking more trips out there, so I decided to build up a little ‘do it all” bike. Originally it was going to be a street rig, but with the new hire...
  15. Potroast88

    Goddamn Rum!!

    I've never been much of a rum drinker, but I got a bottle of this stuff as a gift and I'm diggin' it! Happy New Year!!
  16. spectaculardark

    What's your limit?

    How many beers does it take you to call it quits for the night..or morning..what ever suits your fancy. Just wondering because mine is ever changing...this time last year i could kill 14 beers and still walk straight, then I started dating this girl and smoked up instead of drinking. Now I'm...
  17. B

    The 21st Burfday Rite of Passage

    I have been tasked as the master of ceremonies for a friends 21st birthday bar crawl this evening. Bizarre drink suggestions? I'm new to this whole "annihilate someone else's liver" thing. Thus far I've got: -Adios Motherfvcker as the night ender -Blowjobs
  18. DirtMcGirk

    Is DirtMcGirk gay?

    Somehow I am still up some 96 hours and several drinks later. I love Pee Wee Herman. For my money there is no finer, though odder flick, then Pee Wee's Big Adventure. So here's where I get lost in the whole thing. Pee Wee's Big Adventure is on LOGO right now, the Gay, Bisexual, transgender...
  19. DirtMcGirk

    Am I getting more booze from a shot of Wild Turkey or from a MGD Light?

    Right now I am on this whole running/eating right/not consuming like the last of the Roman Emperors sort of thing. Down 20 pounds in 2 months, 35 more to go. But I like to drink. No, scratch that, I love drinking. It makes me sleep better. Couple drinks and I am out like a baby with a tit in...
  20. stinkyboy

    Anyone Else Ride Today?

    42 miles, 7 double Bacardis, 4 Grey Goose shots and a minor mishap in 80 degree awesome weather. I love Phoenix! :monkeydance: