1. Z

    For Sale 2011 Canfield One L

    As the name suggests this is Canfield's do it all "one" bike. Great peddler and incredible on the downhills. Frame is in great condition, no dents, no cracks, etc. some normal wear and tear. I don't ride particularly hard so it hasn't been taken off big drops/jumps and it has never been raced...
  2. Rapplez

    '12 Fox Float 32 150 FiT or '11 Rock Shox Revelation 120/150

    Im in the process of building up a sub 25 lb all mountain bike. I weigh 130 lbs and I need some help and input on which fork I should strap on the front of my new steed. My choices include: 2012 Fox Float 32 w/ Fit 150mm. Fox is Fox, they're very dependable, and very innovative. But weight...