anal leakage

  1. eric strt6


    Putting this here because the Lounge gets the most traffic Just got the first alert status from County EMS Just passing along what they recommend for personal protection for EMS responders that you guys can make use of, P100 respirator masks, eye protection, nitrile gloves ( doors etc)...
  2. rockwool

    The Venezuela and South American thread

    As we all are a jury that continously judges things that happens around the world, I thought I could, with the interest I have in what's going on in South America, help with bringing forth the voice of the defendant, because no jury has a chanse to give a fair verdict without first listening to...
  3. MMike

    Question for the gun nuts - what would it take...

    Is there anything that would entice you to give up your "piece"? Something that the gov't could provide that would make you willing to give up your guns forever.
  4. sanjuro

    McCain talks about WWIII and the draft

    I can't believe McCain wants to start World War III! We will all be drafted. That's what he is talking about, right N 8?
  5. JohnE

    USA on decline?

    As I sit here, ruminating on issues greater then I, I remebered an article I read years ago talking about how China and Canada were the next great superpowers, with the USA and Great Britain backing down. The future is all abot land mass and resources... So, I ask, is this day today? Is the...
  6. loco-gringo

    Fix our smilies....now...

    It's not like you guys running things have lives, so please fix our smilies so Graphics can get back to posting. :D I'm really heading for bed, but had to make one last effort at being obnoxious today, so there's really no hurry.
  7. Defenestrated

    McCain fails

    http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21134540/vp/25107128#25107128 ow, what a nice guy
  8. S


    Well beer has tons of threads, and now cigars have there own thread, so what the hell. How many of you guys smoke pot? Whats your prefered method of smoking? (blun,t joint, bong.. ect) Also anyone know any good recipes with pot?