angry asian is angry

  1. sanjuro

    Women Drivers + Drizzle = Blindness

    I was almost hit for the second time today, on top of being clipped by a SUV. 10 minutes before I got hit, a woman tried to merge into the bike lane while I was descending down Mission doing 20mph. Just now, I saw a chick pull over, to put up on her makeup or talk on the cell, I don't...
  2. sanjuro

    Yelp just flagged my review

    My review of Karim's Bikes in Berkeley: Before I receive a mooshoo-style flaming, I like to hear from someone who has actually visited Karim's...
  3. EasyE

    What do you think of the 05' Specialized Enduro Expert

    Hey all, I am new to the sport and just purchased my first bike. I went to E-bay against the bike shop guys warnings.So anyway I ended up with the 2005 Enduro Expert. I got it for 900 with shipping. Everything is stock and looks to be in good condition. If anyone has or has had this bike, please...
  4. stevew

    sanjuro will be happy

    the yankees open and close next season at boston.