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  1. no skid marks

    Why are people running 40s and Boxxers over 888s?

    Just curious why people are running Boxxers, or 40s now days instead of 2010-11 888s. Is it just lack of knowledge, minor weight gains, or sponsorship specials?
  2. 4130biker

    Avoid ripoff w/o patent?

    So my friend and I designed and built a certain bike accessory... He's been using it for a few years now. It turns out that a person in the industry of making said accessory is interested in the design. We're planning to meet with him, I'm assuming so he can offer something for the design...
  3. KeyboardRider

    Shimano Saint Free Stroke

    Anyone have any experiences with the latest Shimano Saint brakes free stroke adjuster screw not having any affect when dialed out? The brakes were factory bled, no crashes, less than 30 miles on them. I don't notice any difference in pad to rotor bite points when adjusted the screw out all the...
  4. Gaga

    Decide between demo or summum

    Hey guys! I am in the process of deciding what Dh\microFr frame to buy. I like !GEOMETRY!, weight, style, color.....That will advise:confused: mondraker summum 11 or spec demo 8 11:confused:
  5. no skid marks

    Saint brake adjusters?

    What do they do? Lever adjust, and free travel? does this wind the pads in? Or reduce plunger size or equivalent?
  6. TN

    anyone ever fried a turkey?

    I will be frying 2 birds next week when we go see L's folks down south. I know I should get the oil hotter than 350 cuz the turkey will lower the temp of the oil & I know about safety. Anyone got any tips?
  7. zdubyadubya

    DW has been doing contract work for DARPA

    Too Much Yaw!!!
  8. yesimaddicted

    Working on a Cruise ship?

    Anyone have experience doing this/knows someone that does? ya it could be ****y but its also a way to make money and have very low overhead(plus see some new places). but being a college kid it could also work out well
  9. I

    M9 ride reports?

    anybody have a ride on one of these bad boys yet?