asshat parade

  1. DirtMcGirk

    Dong bags for knocking boots

    Since it really looks like I am going to rejoin the world of the single and humping here in less than a month, I need some condom advice. What do you keep in your dong bag arsenal? Anything you don't like, or found that is prone to pinch flatting? I haven't worn one in almost 10 years, so...
  2. Drunken_Ninja

    Electronic ciggarettes

    http://www.healthzone.ca/health/article/600906 This was in yesterdays paper. It has got me thinking I can quit tobacco no problem. Afterall there is only one kind of plant matter I am truly interested in. However the non smokers have interesting arguments about these so I figured I get the...
  3. $tinkle

    just watched the stephanopoulos interview w/ obama...

    and i: jizzed. in. my pants. analysis by kristol at nytimes.com: Continuity we Can Believe In 8 more years!
  4. sanjuro

    Turn your car off in snow country if you fall asleep

    This is a crappy story, which could have been avoided if they had just turned off their car.
  5. J

    My first deer!

    and he sure is a bruiser!
  6. NY_Star

    Brake Rotors-What are they made of?

    Does anyone know the series of stainless that the rotors are made of?
  7. brungeman

    hypothetically speaking...

    lets say you were a teacher and a student somehow thought that you knew a little bit about something like tattoos... or something... and came to you to ask your opinion about a tattoo design containing their Zodiac sign done in a rainbow. And lets just say she wants to get it on the back of her...
  8. geargrrl

    Maybe this is my stolen bike on CL, now what do I do?

    I've been watching CL religiously for my son's stolen haro. An exact same bike appeared today, listed in a city that is across state lines. I have the serial number and a police report number. Naturally, our city cops don't answer the phone on a Sunday. We went ahead and made a plan to...
  9. TN

    LARGE scale

    I found out we got approval for a digital outdoor campaign. So I get to design my first billboard. I am stoked. :monkeydance:
  10. Spero

    Nmae your junk

    http://www.blogthings.com/penisnamegenerator/ "El Presidente." :shocked:
  11. T

    What, exactly, is a Tallahassee Dump Truck?

    It's the question I think everybody has been asking. Lets throw out whatever we think it is. As for me, it sounds a bit like a sexaul act...
  12. MMike

    KNIGHT RIDER!! Lesbians!!!

    I'm watching the Knight Rider TV movie. There are lesbians. KITT is a mustang. That's just not right. Very poor acting. Very cheesy. Not like the original. But there were no lesbians in the original....