assless chaps

  1. -dustin

    hi-zoot denim...wtf?

    so for whatever reason, i've lately been intrigued by high-end denim...the cost, the market, brands, etc. a coworker of mine used to race with Michael Ball. anywho, today, i came across this thread: http://supertalk.superfuture.com/showthread.php?t=3526&page=602 and the care these jeans...
  2. loco-gringo

    Pinky McLovin...

    I finally saw Superbad and think McLovin is a brilliant name, so I have adopted it. I was also nick named "pinky" today. I decided to merge them. I shall not leave loco-gringo here, but shall change my name in real life to Pinky McLovin. What an idea. :lighten:
  3. stoney

    Best Beer Ad Ever (Slightly NWS for content)

  4. AngryMetalsmith

    Pimp My Ride

    I was just about to go to bed last night when the show came on. They had one of my all time favorite vehicles, a 1957 Chevy Panel Wagon. So I was curious to see what they would do to this van. Maybe I was being foolish in hoping they would actually make it useful. But no, they just crammed it...
  5. organizedrage

    20" of love, for those of you who think 24" is just too much

    My Fit S3 frame has gone through many changes, but I will always be true to the 20" wheel. If you have a 20" bike and would like to show it off then please show it off! I'd love to see it and I'm sure everyone else would as well!