1. elgirafe

    Avalanche suspension still around?

    Are they still in business? I'm not getting any kind of response via email or facebook.
  2. ocelot

    For Sale 2014 Turner DHR medium, complete bike

    2300 USD obo 2014 Turner DHR medium very well maintained and in excellent condition. Warranty is still valid until mid-July 2016. Nothing needs to be fixed, it is ready to go as is. Plenty of extras included!!! There are a few small scratches here and there, but everything is purely...
  3. ZHendo

    For Sale 2014 Banshee Spitfire 650b, premium custom, new 36, Avalanche

    Selling a stunning Banshee Spitfire. This thing is truly the best bike I have owned to date, but I broke my hand riding my downhill rig and may be swapping to a lighter duty trail bike as I recover. My loss is your gain. I am an ex-mechanic and have cared for this thing incredibly well. There is...
  4. heavy metal

    For Sale Avalanche DHS 8.5 x 2.5 Shock

    I purchased this rear shock for a project bike that I was not able to finish building. It is a lightly used Avalanche DHS shock which is currently tuned for use on a Turner Highline. E ye-to-eye and stroke length dimensions are 8.5" x 2.5". The hose length is 11 inches. A 350 lb spring is...