1. Electric_City

    For Sale Avid Code disc brakes ('07) F/R

    These are 2007 Code's that came off my Sunday. They have the tool free reach adjust on the lever. Neither of the levers have ever been bent. The levers were rebuilt at the Windham World Cup in 2013 or '14 at the Sram/avid /RS tent (one of those years the WC wasn't @ Windham). The hoses were...
  2. v6 4.3

    For Sale Avid Elixir 9 Carbon

    This brake is a take-off. So it is brand new but out of the packaging. It comes with the bolts, CPS washers, and bar clamp. The hose is long enough for a rear. The bleed on it is good. Let me know if you have any questions. here is a link to the brake new from chainreaction...
  3. szacsi72

    Avid Juicy 3 pad problems

    Hey guys I have an AVID Juicy 3 at home, but my idiot friend pulled the lever- when it was not on the bike. So the pads touched themself. I need help to fix it! Thanks David
  4. andyk58

    avid code 4 pot not working

    Hi just bought some brand new avid code 4 pots set them up yesterday came ready build so just bolted on. took the wedge out of pads and I have no pressure at all in the leaver iv checked everything theres oil in it any suggestions please
  5. S

    For Sale Elixir 7 carbon, barely used. $100 obo

    I have a pair of avid elixir 7 carbon. looking to get $100 obo for them. They are less ten 2 summers old. they have less then 10 rides on them. You can email me at sco7350@aol.com or call/text 716-674-4218. thanks, Shawn
  6. MTBXRacing

    Floating Brake Arm Vibration

    I have a Haro 357 that has been completely custom rebuilt. I noticed yesterday on taking the bike had for it's second DH run at Diablo there is a vibration that seems to be coming from the floating brake arm when the rear brake was brake applied hard with a loud noise like a horn. I'm running...
  7. tom-swift

    Juicy 3 piston problem

    I had a set of Juicy 3's lying around waiting for new pads so I had stored them with bleed blocks in the caliper... until I had to bleed my 7's. Of course when I do that my dumb ass friend squeezes the **** out of the lever while I wasn't watching even tho the damn things weren't installed on a...
  8. aj-monkey

    Alignment Issues on Avid Codes

    Hey guys. Hopefully someone can help me with an issue. About 6 month ago I vbled my Codes. The front is sweet as however the rear one is moving the rotor while braking, resulting in a howl and not as much power as they once had! The caliper body itself cannot be moved anymore to aid in...
  9. sstalder5

    Decore brakes with avid rotors???

    i picked up a new shimano deore brake set (w/o rotors) off ebay for a steal of $85. I am going to run them with 6'' Avid rotors. Are there any disadvantages to this setup? And if it is a bad idea does anyone have any sugesstions on compatable 6-bolt discs. Also I would just like to ask why...