1. B

    New DH junkies on YouTube, gopro or 3rd person?

    We are a couple of guys from Oslo, Norway who love downhill. We usually go out riding 4-6 times a week. Our goal when we go out is to come up with the stupidest idea and then do it. And so far its going great, except three broken arms and a couple of concussions... But its worth it! Anyway.. we...
  2. MMike

    So guess what I'm doing from Oct 20-22

    ....Shall I wait a few guess-posts before telling? I'm quite looking forward to it...
  3. Transcend

    World Cup Finals - Schladming, Austria!

    So this is it. The overall comes down to one last race. Greg is up by 116 points over Sam. Gee is 67 back. Guido and Rafa duking it out for 4x. I think Rachel already has it sealed up, as does Anneke. Coverage starts tomorrow from Redbull's Hangar 7 (home of the Flying Bulls air team), as...