1. TreeSaw

    HD Antennas?

    So I am charged with streamlining our crap and I hate paying a ton for cable when we don't watch it! That being said, we're in the market for a whole house HD Antenna (can power multiple TVs so must have an amplifier) that will work in a rural area. Help me get rid of the excessive cable bill...
  2. TreeSaw

    Fall Monkeyfest - KT/Millstone?

    There has been some rumblings about getting something together and we're game if we can find a time (and place available) that works for a bunch. I can start putting something together for October if there is enough interest... Anyone?
  3. Full Trucker

    Side of Bacon

    If you run tubeless (and you should DEFINITELY be running tubeless, get with the program, McFly!) then you should always have these Bad Larry's in your tool kit. These little bastards have saved my bacon more than once on the trail... including a 3/4" long sidewall tear near the bead on my rear...
  4. JohnE

    I like bacon!

    So I have dealt with Jenson a few times in the past...got into a pissing contest over shipping fees a few years ago (Free shipping to APO...I am in Germany, with an APO box. I order a bunch of stuff and they wont waive the shipping because they say I dont have a valid APO box because the zip...
  5. TreeSaw

    Monkeyfest v.2015

    Greetings Monkeys! It's that time of year again...the time when we begin plotting the summer poo-flinging excursion. Here's the deal.... Location: Wilmington, NY (Lake Placid Area) Dates: July 16-20, 2015 (Thursday - Sunday and if there's enough interest we could stay until Monday)...
  6. Konabumm

    Have a problem? Rub some bacon on it

    my job is done here
  7. Secret Squirrel

    The Squirrel Gets Blue-er...

    I have been trying to enter the police force for a couple years and it appears that my efforts have paid off. I will be attending a law enforcement academy beginning early next month! Jack-booted thuggery and probably a video of me getting tased at some point to follow. w00t!
  8. TreeSaw

    Official Fall Monkeyfest 2011

    Welcome to the official “Fall Monkeyfest 2011” Thread! We are confirmed for Columbus Day Weekend!!!! First thing you need to do is confirm space, there are beds for 22 so it’s a “first-committed first-served basis”. This only guarantees you a bunk…it’s...
  9. TreeSaw

    Official Summer Monkeyfest 2011

    Welcome to the official “Summer Monkeyfest 2011” Thread! I apologize for the delay in scheduling, but we are confirmed from August 4-8th (which coincides with the Burke Bike n’ Brewfest)!!!:cheers: First thing you need to do is confirm space, there are beds for 22 so...
  10. sstalder5

    No offence Manimal, It's another eff da po-lice thread.

    So just now I stopped at Harris Teeter to grab some noms on my way home, and as I walked in, I saw a small bag of some nasty looking pot on the floor, since I wouldn't have touched it even if I did still smoke, i kept walking. As I was walking out, the guy in front of me picked it up. He ended...
  11. sstalder5

    ****ty Police response time...

    So today I went out to the local sports complex to play a game of ultimate frisbee (no hippie jokes necessary:rolleyes:) with some kids from my school. And while we were playing some asshole comes and breaks windows out of 4 of my friends cars and only ends up taking one wallet that had about 20...
  12. loco-gringo

    I'm going to just say it...

    some of you assholes have talked about bacon so much in the last 2 years that I find myself not even craving it. You have taken the most desirable meat on the planet and made it so common and mundane that it's sickening. Congratulations on breaking the world. :rant:
  13. johnbryanpeters

    Summer 2010 northeast Monkeyfest 7/15-7/18

    Thursday July 16 to Sunday July 18. Kingdom Trails, East Burke, VT Thursday BadDNA Greggah TreeSaw & Earl IAB & MBC irishblue76 & Mark johnbryanpeters Zombie & Cromby1 (?) D.2 and Matt Friday Mr.Bishop maddog17 (maybe Thu.) Pesqueeb (?) Heidi (?) douglas mudgirl (?) Yelo & Melou (?) binary...
  14. TreeSaw

    Fall Monkeyfest 2009

    It's time!!!! Vote for the weekend and post up if you're planning on attending. I'll book the lodge when we have enough folks interested. Again, if you say you're coming your in for the $$$ if something comes up and you can't make it. I am hoping to keep the cost to $65 or less. Once we...
  15. William42

    New Intense Tazer VP

    Just saw this over on MTBR.
  16. BadDNA

    Northeast Monkeyfest 2009

    Let the countdown begin! Dates TBD!
  17. jerseydirt

    HELLLPPPP!!! square spindle wont remove!

    My shop did not have a crankset to put on my new frame so they just slapped on the old internal bb with a shimano xt 3 piece square spindle crankset from like 2003. Does anybody have any ideas about how to remove it. And dont say use a huge mallet because I know that doesnt work already.
  18. johnbryanpeters

    Poll: Sardines vs. Bacon

    Well? Take your pick.
  19. Red Rabbit

    8 days of BMT left

    Yes, I am almost done. Can't wait to heear from you all again.
  20. Salty_T_Dog

    Reforming Laws

    If anyone believes in this please help out!