1. J

    Obtanium/ K9 Thrust Bearing Search!

    I have been searching for an Obtanium or K9 brand thirst bearing with no luck! It has to be one of those two brand because the spring I am using (Obtanium) and the shock I am using (Vivid) both use 1.5 ID. If you have one and are looking to get rid of it please let me know, thanks!
  2. guiepinto

    Hope Pro II Hubs - Bearings

    I need to replace the bearings on my Hope Pro II Hubs. What is the correct bearing for the hubs below? Front - 20mm - Is it 61804 2RS (20x32x7mm)? Rear - 135x10mm - Which bearing do I need? Also, what is the best bearing available? Is it Enduro? Which one?
  3. L

    intense m3 bearing spacer replacement

    after replacing all the bearing's on my m3 i didn't remember where to put the spacers, i tried every solution:banghead: but nothing... the bike is still apart and i need to Ride...... PLEASE I NEED HELP !!!! thanks
  4. ultraNoob

    Bearing Race Repair

    Got an older formula rear wheel. At high speed it was making a growling sound. Opened it up and found imperfections (pitts) on the inner bearing race (the one used to preload the bearings). Does anyone know any way to fill those pitts reliably or am I stuck with buying a new hub?