1. Da Peach

    Bearing numbers for '06 Iron Horse MKIII

    It seems that after many long years, the bearings have gone on my valiant steed. I know you can buy a kit from These guys But they don't tell you the numbers. I'm thinking I might be able to just pick up a set from a local bearing place. Anyone now the bearing specs?
  2. Grisha

    Mavic Deemax front bearings

    Hey, after a weekend of racing in the craziest mud I've ever experienced, the bearings on my 2010 Deemax front hub have to be replaced. Does anyone know what bearings I need, or where I can find the information? Thanks, Greg
  3. W

    08 Giant Reign X Bearing Sizes

    Anyone changed out the bearings on the rear triangle of their Reign X and happen to have the sizes handy? I'd like to stop by the bearing shop on the way home from work today. Thanks, Will