beer = good

  1. BadDNA

    Ridemonkey beer exchange discussion...

    So, I've thought about it and other people have mentioned it but we've never really got one off the ground. Let's change that. I don't mind being the guy behind the scenes and will probably participate as well but I thought we could brainstorm a bit and get some guidelines first. I thought we...
  2. TN

    Keg monkee's?

    going to pick up this soon.... Gonna use it for a quarter barrel from the beer store & then eventually on cornie kegs of homebrew. Anything I need to know? Will the same fittings work on a regular keg as a cornie keg?
  3. TN

    'nother batch of n00b brewers

    nothing too exciting here just some pics of brew day, last sunday. might rack to my smaller carboy this weekend, thinking about not bothering with gravity readings. things are definitely slowing down. the batch is a Bock (but uses ale yeast :confused: ), partial grain, etc...
  4. I Are Baboon

    saturday night.

    'Sup? What's goin' on? I'm just sitting here watching the Olympics marathon drinking a beer. (the Olympics should combine the two) Wife and I went to a wedding at my uncle's house today (two hour drive each way). He ran out of beer 90 minutes into the party. :bonk: So, I had to make a...