beer improves skillz

  1. Dirtjumper999

    To beer, or not to beer

    So I have been rather conflicted lately. I am 22 now and I haven't had an ounce of alcohol in my entire life, simply because I don't really want to. Every last one of my friends drink, some to simply get wasted, others just because it apparently tastes good. Every time I go out with them I end...
  2. TN

    Keg monkee's?

    going to pick up this soon.... Gonna use it for a quarter barrel from the beer store & then eventually on cornie kegs of homebrew. Anything I need to know? Will the same fittings work on a regular keg as a cornie keg?
  3. loco-gringo

    Under a hundred...

    Played golf today, for the second time this year. Shot a 98. I was stoked. Had some awful shots, but had some redeeming shots too. Best of all, it was super fun. I won't make it a habit again, but I like knocking the white ball.