beer me that beer

  1. lamp

    I am currently envious of my fridge

    I dont have anything to say. just a little giddy :p
  2. TN

    Keg monkee's?

    going to pick up this soon.... Gonna use it for a quarter barrel from the beer store & then eventually on cornie kegs of homebrew. Anything I need to know? Will the same fittings work on a regular keg as a cornie keg?
  3. DirtyMike

    You guys have those weeks

    were everything just keeps going wrong? Not always big things, but little things, that just make for a pain in the ass. At work, at home, at play, were it just seems everything that can go wrong does, and each thing just gets worse and worse? Well I have had about a month of that ****....And...
  4. I

    right now i'm drinking....

    imperial porter from flying dog brewing.:cheers: