1. J

    contribution to keep it alive

    Ok, I ain't scared.Posting up right after Danks ridiculous trail edit and agreed we need more vid and such so here it is. No tricks and super sized jumps in this one but we do have dirt piles and beer in common!
  2. TreeSaw

    ~~~tgif gmt 6/14~~~

    <crickets peeping> Good morning monkeys! Where is everyone this fine day? Long day for me today as my kids have a solo festival afterschool and then I am hoping to get a ride in too. Can't wait to see my brother...he was playing with a slingshot last night and it broke, smashed him in the...
  3. S

    Pisgah and Beer!

    Just a heads up... Next time you are in Brevard for a Ride, stop in at The Hub for Beer. We have 4 beers on Draft, PBR in cans, (Liquor and a Rita machine on the way.) Also, we are now located on the corner, just 4 doors down. More updates to come...
  4. Dirtjumper999

    To beer, or not to beer

    So I have been rather conflicted lately. I am 22 now and I haven't had an ounce of alcohol in my entire life, simply because I don't really want to. Every last one of my friends drink, some to simply get wasted, others just because it apparently tastes good. Every time I go out with them I end...
  5. lamp

    I am currently envious of my fridge

    I dont have anything to say. just a little giddy :p
  6. binary visions

    Beer. Part 2.

    You can still be jealous. Full size. Last year:
  7. Toshi

    Cancun and Chichen Itza

    i get 3 weeks of vacation per year. last week was 1/3. both my wife and i had a dress rehearsal on tuesday and a concert on sunday so we snuck in a quick trip to Cancun from wednesday through saturday. below is some of the photographic evidence. for more see the gallery on my website...
  8. TreeSaw

    Good entry level CX bike

    So, I am not happy with my road bike (yes, it's true). It doesn't really fit me as well as I would like it to and I haven't really enjoyed riding it much as a result. I am thinking that I would like to get a CX bike that I can use for training, as a commuter and for the occassional charity...
  9. johnbryanpeters

    Summer 2010 northeast Monkeyfest 7/15-7/18

    Thursday July 16 to Sunday July 18. Kingdom Trails, East Burke, VT Thursday BadDNA Greggah TreeSaw & Earl IAB & MBC irishblue76 & Mark johnbryanpeters Zombie & Cromby1 (?) D.2 and Matt Friday Mr.Bishop maddog17 (maybe Thu.) Pesqueeb (?) Heidi (?) douglas mudgirl (?) Yelo & Melou (?) binary...
  10. I Are Baboon

    Homebrew update

    Currently in primary: Cherry stout (wife request) On deck: British IPA Just ordered: Witbier (wife request) Stay thirsty, my friends.
  11. TN

    Keg monkee's?

    going to pick up this soon.... Gonna use it for a quarter barrel from the beer store & then eventually on cornie kegs of homebrew. Anything I need to know? Will the same fittings work on a regular keg as a cornie keg?
  12. TreeSaw

    Fall Monkeyfest 2009

    It's time!!!! Vote for the weekend and post up if you're planning on attending. I'll book the lodge when we have enough folks interested. Again, if you say you're coming your in for the $$$ if something comes up and you can't make it. I am hoping to keep the cost to $65 or less. Once we...
  13. I Are Baboon

    ~~ Is it Friday yet GMT ~~

    I love Fridays more than I love taffy, and I'm a man who loves his taffy. Chance of getting any work done today: ZERO. Looks like tomorrow is going to be a wash out. Good morning, monkeys!
  14. I Are Baboon

    brussels sprouts appreciation

    HOORAY sprouts! Damn things take forever to cook on the grill though. You are not welcome in this thread if you are a brussels sprouts hater.
  15. TN

    Not oredering from Nashbar ever again & you shouldn't either

    Here is the story. Last year I ordered a rack for L's bike. Got it from Nashbar because they had the best price. Fast forward a few months....the credit card company sends us new cards (with the same #'s :confus3ed: ) due to a security breach with a merchant & won't say who the merchant...
  16. 4xBoy

    I went shopping today,

    I got a couple of beers.
  17. TreeSaw


    Any other monkeys going to be there?
  18. TreeSaw

    Happy Birthday Baboon!!!

    Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday you Baboon... Happy Birthday to you!!! :cheers: Splat -- post up some pics for the man will you?!:weee:
  19. Greyhound

    ***Wednesday GMT***

    Good Morning!! Another hot one today. I'm sweating already. Got home yesterday and mowed the yard. Stepped in a hole somewhere and now I've got some kind of hammy pull or something. Crap. Colin is obsessed with fishing right now---or rather obsessed with me doing the fishing and him...