1. I Are Baboon

    American Craft Beer Fest (Boston)

    June 19-20. Approx 75 breweries pouring 300+ beers. :monkeydance: http://beeradvocate.com/acbf/beer Me and MtnBikerChk are going to the Saturday early session. Mr and Mrs BadDNA are volunteering. I can't wait! Mmmmm....brewery t-shirts...... So I figure the 2oz pours and 300...
  2. Greyhound

    ***Friday GMT***

    Good Morning!! I guess I sound like a broken record here, but hot and humid days with crazy storms in the evening every day this week. Made some fantastic Tikka Masala fish with basmati rice and veggies last night. Seared the mackerel on the charcoal grill before simmering in the sauce...
  3. Pesqueeb

    Worst place you've ever lived?

    So I moved to Colorado Springs, CO about 5 years ago from Portland, OR because of work, and I hate this place. I've lived many places, and liked some better than others, but have never despised a particular place like I do here. The reasons are many, regional politics, schizophrenic weather...
  4. TN

    'nother batch of n00b brewers

    nothing too exciting here just some pics of brew day, last sunday. might rack to my smaller carboy this weekend, thinking about not bothering with gravity readings. things are definitely slowing down. the batch is a Bock (but uses ale yeast :confused: ), partial grain, etc...
  5. TreeSaw

    Design/Art Monkeys

    Help the Mamma Monkey out please....my artist bailed on me and I have to get this finalized ASAP :( I am heading up my school's Tour de Cure team for the American Diabetes Association. We've got pricing and want to order customized jerseys but my artist flaked and isn't going to get me a...
  6. binary visions

    Homebrew questions... Help out a n00b.

    Okay, so I've ordered some ingredients for my first batch of homebrew using borrowed equipment. I've helped out the friend who owns the equipment before, but never actually made a batch myself. I have a question about the yeast/starter. I ordered mail-order because the only brewing store nearby...
  7. TreeSaw

    So tell me about....

    Snowshoes. I went for the first time this past weekend (old-school giant wooden snowshoes) and have been invited to go with a bunch of co-workers a few times. I checked out rentals, but for the money, time spent getting to/from the store, I could probably pick up a reasonable pair. Plus...
  8. BadDNA

    My house smells like a brewery...

    We've got a batch or beechwood smoked porter boiling right now and a batch of bourbon porter mashing... Pics to follow.
  9. Knuckleslammer

    Extra $13 a week. What will you do?

    OMG OMFG OMG WASHINGTON – Economic stimulus legislation at the heart of President Barack Obama's recovery plan is on track for final votes Friday in the House and Senate after a dizzying final round of bargaining that yielded agreement on tax cuts and spending totaling $789 billion. Obama...
  10. I Are Baboon

    Homebrew noob.

    I had made a few batches with "Mr Beer" but wasn't overly thrilled with the beer. Wife came through with a real homebrew kit for me for Hanukkahmas, purchased from northernbrewer.com. Mom-in-law bought me a double IPA ingredient kit. BadDNA hooked me up with a wort chiller. The goods...
  11. brungeman

    What's your poison?

    The snow is falling and I am kicking back and relaxing with a homebrew! Whatchu drinkin?
  12. W


    http://finance.yahoo.com/news/Jobless-rate-jumps-to-72-apf-14013613.html I wonder how the cycling community will be effected by this? Should bike companies start cutting the prices of their bikes? Trek has a 5K DH bike, Frames are going for 3K without Shocks.... i wonder if bike companies are...
  13. BadDNA

    Northeast Monkeyfest 2009

    Let the countdown begin! Dates TBD!
  14. c2001

    "real life" helmet test - caution fireworks & shattered glass

    some friends and i got together a couple weeks ago to do some "testing" of 2009 Pro-Tec gear. the helmets and gloves were victorious. check it out here w/ photos & video of the action http://www.littermag.com/2009/2009-protec-helmets-gloves-pads/ pro-tec doesn't condone our "testing"...
  15. binary visions


    It's okay, you can be jealous.
  16. antimony

    Let's Go Red Sox!

    :clapping: :clapping: , :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: That's all! Let's do it, Boston! :weee:
  17. johnbryanpeters

    Poll: Sardines vs. Bacon

    Well? Take your pick.
  18. -dustin

    hi-zoot denim...wtf?

    so for whatever reason, i've lately been intrigued by high-end denim...the cost, the market, brands, etc. a coworker of mine used to race with Michael Ball. anywho, today, i came across this thread: http://supertalk.superfuture.com/showthread.php?t=3526&page=602 and the care these jeans...
  19. MMike

    McCain picks a chick?

    Very crafty.....get the disgruntled Hillary supporters....
  20. MtnBikerChk

    Happy Birthday BadDNA!

    :cheers: here's a burbon porter cheer to you.... (but you have to give me one first) :poster_oops: