1. BadDNA

    Fall Monkeyfest t-minus OMG this weekend!11!!

    Confirmed for October 10-12. Attendees: Treesaw & Earl BadDNA MBC & IAB Woodsguy James Quo Fan & Big T badcrumble strangeland2 ? maddog17 pinkshirtphotos ? JBP ? McGRP01 JRogers Yelo & Melou SparrowOnMe +1 Tequila Doug ? DHRFXJoe PolandSpring88
  2. splat

    MONKEYFEST 2008 -- Kingdom Trails Vt

    Yes Monkey fest was a Huge amount of fun! Lots of beer, food, beer, rain, Beer and yeah there was some riding. first off , Pigboy is inspecting the cooling set up for the first 2 Kegs. Pigboy demonstartaing how to put Dry Ice , warm water in a a Plactic bottle , seal it and throw...
  3. johnbryanpeters


    ...the phantom site tweaker is busy tonight or I have had enough IPA.
  4. splat

    A sendoff ride for Mr Berkshire_rider

    Mr Berkshire_rider is tying the Knot , so we decided to have a Ride and BBQ in his Honor , it would start from my place, and lots of fun would be had . Well I had to set up teh Stunt course in my front yard first . and I went out there , and this little fella was hanging around ...
  5. Z2adambomb

    Fontana Fest 2008!!

    Fontana Fest 2008 is approaching! If the sound of tsali night rides, rips through the fontana village trails, a raffle for a CK wheelset and Hayes brakeset interest you, stop by this year's Fontana Fest in Fontana Village. $30 registration fee includes access to all events, beer and a BBQ, and...
  6. N8 v2.0

    Best CO Brews

    Lookin' for Colorado beers.. where should I start? Coors? :p
  7. MtnBikerChk

    smuttynose jack daniels porter

    why is it so good and WHY can't I get it at home?! :banghead: (see Max's in Baltimore)
  8. I Are Baboon

    Baseball and beer trip to Baltimore

    Since going to Boston for a Red Sox game has become impossible and expensive, MBC and I took to the road to see a couple of Orioles games in Baltimore. The entire cost of the trip is cheaper than buying tickets for the Red Sox from Stubhub.com...even more so when we split the gas expenses with...
  9. BadDNA

    Monkeyfest minus less than a week...

    Friday, August 1st to Sunday August 3rd Kingdom Trails, East Burke, VT Renting the old Grange hall which is a few hundred yards from the trails. TreeSaw and Earl Quo Fan and BigT BadDNA douglas JBP Splat Echo BikeGeek mudgirl MMcG (?) Riding Tenchiro JRogers pigboy badcrumble syadasti deyv &...
  10. r464

    I have no beer

    How many days before I break down and buy a case?