1. S

    Wanted Road Bike

    New triathlete looking for a beginner road bike I am looking for whatever brand of bike (within reason) to wet my feet with road bikes before I invest in the $1000 plus range.. Thanks!
  2. D

    Newbie downhill advice - tires and fork

    Hi everyone. I am 15 years old and I am relatively new to downhill. Last year I bought a Gary fisher all mountain bike and I snapped the frame, so I bought a 2004 Astrix Huckster but I suffered a back injury shortly after that so I sold it. I was just cleared to ride dh again so I bought a...
  3. bradley schwartz

    Looking for a new hobby and want to get involved.

    Hi there, My name is Bradley and I need a new hobby. Mountain biking seems fun, but I need equipment. I'm not sure what type of terrain I'll be riding. I'm from Baltimore, MD and want a place to ride not too far from here. Does anyone have any recommendations on where to bike and what sort of...
  4. A

    Purchasing first 'real' mountain bike

    Hello, I have dabbled in mountain biking a little in the past with a lower grade bike, and I am getting into it enough now that I would like to go ahead and purchase a "real" mountain bike. My dilemma is, I am not well versed on what kind I should purchase for my skill level and body type. I...
  5. max.broman

    To start?

    Alright. So I've been biking since I could walk, and I'm really fast, but don't have the skills I need. I'm riding a hard tail right now, but I really want to start racing downhill. It's gonna be awhile before I can even afford a used downhill bike :(, so what can I do on my hard tail that can...
  6. N

    Can you recommend some decent brand names?

    Hello All, We have just started riding (Husband, me and kids). I am trying to get some bikes that are not total Junk but I can't spend 300 plus per bike right now. I have heard nothing but really bad things about all the walmart brands. I would be happy to buy a better brand used, than new junk...
  7. S

    Can I change this into a Single Speed?

    Hi, The title pretty much says everything. I'm ok with bikes so I can understand some parts, but don't excpect me to know all the parts. I have a few pictures of the parts on it now. The lower the price the better. Thanks