1. max.broman

    Grip suggestions.

    I love grips with the feel of ODI Ruffians, love that diamond pattern, so comfy. But I've got huge hands, so I hate riding a bike for a while with grips with a narrow outside diameter. The ones that come on the 2011 Demo 8s were too thin hands got sore from being wrapped around them, would...
  2. ultraNoob

    24" vs. 26" rear wheel for DH

    I have 2 DH rigs, one of them is an unstoppable tank, aka... Nicolai MPire and the other is a fun-lightish frankenbike whoz origins are unknown. The frankenbike runs a 24" rear wheel. Are there any advantages/disadvantages to running a 26" up front and a 24" rear? Oh yea.. both bikes are...