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  1. Heidi

    Care to Share Your Car?

    This is a sweet idea and would benefit me greatly since I hardly ever drive my car and the battery is usually dead from not ever being used. http://www.ktvz.com/oregon-northwest/27267132/detail.html# :thumb:

    I need a Shimano XT crank arm drive side

    Anyone have a left over drive side Shimano XT crank arm 175mm used that would want to part with it cheaply? I have a buddy, just fixed his bike up. He's a nube. Didn't know the pedals went on with specific left and right thread clock and counter clock. And I forgot to tell him. So when he went...

    Do I dare ask?

    Okay, I make a post about Charlie Sheen being a douche bag and I see my title change from "Monkey" to "WINNING!" Do I dare ask what this means? I did notice most of the regular posters have very sarcastic slights under their names. Should I care? Is this my informal acceptance to the herd kind...