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    Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday to me!

    Well, I'm sitting here enjoying a pilsner. Okay, I can not lie. I'm sitting here enjoying a pilsner or two, and .. okay, or three and I'm getting ready to head out and do a little celebrating tonight. :cheers: 12 midnight starts my birthday. And although I wanted to spend "my day" riding in the...

    New iPhone App for Helmet Cam!

    Self explained. http://www.bikerumor. New iPhone App! Looks pretty cool! :popcorn: Not only can you angle your cam right, now we can have riders watching motion TV while flying down hill like nuts blowing out turns and flying into the woods crashing into trees, much like distracted drivers...
  3. eaterofdog

    It's finally spring. What are you looking to buy?

    Time to blow some money on geegaws. You know you need those parts, upgrades and just maybe even a goddam complete. I just ordered a new 24 trials bike from UK.
  4. moff_quigley

    Which seat can I take?

    It's Fry-hy-day! Yes, this does deserve its own thread. Reps if you can make it to the end.
  5. stevew

    fools and their money being parted....

    yeah.....nfl lockout!