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  1. guiepinto

    Bike Shops in China

    Hey guys! Has anyone here been to China or know any bike shop there? Are the prices cheaper than in the US? I'm going to Shanghai and Changzhou in 10 days and would like to get some bike parts and possibly a complete bike... Thanks...
  2. guiepinto

    Bike Shops / Prices in Slovenia

    Hey guys! I'm planning to watch the WC in Maribor this coming weekend. Does anyone know of bike shops around there? Also, what are the prices like compared to Germany? Thanks...
  3. S

    New shop in Bryson City

    Hey, there is a new shop located only 15 minutes from the famed Tsali singletrack. Come by and check out our stuff. We carry Marin and Kona, along with Eastern BMX. We are brand new, only 8 weeks here, but we are here to help. We will be completely involved with Tsali trail work, racing in...