1. Konabumm

    Walton Trail Phase 1

    Hey Riders! Looking for a little help here. Southern Maryland Mountain Bikers is fundraising for a new section of trails that would connect to St Marys Lake. This is for EVERYONE! Riders, hikers and equestrian. We’re asking for one of two things. Would really love it if you were able to make...
  2. adamruses

    Hi there

    Hey, I am looking for some advice to buy a bike these days, I have budgeted about $2k to 3k. I looked so many brands and made me sick:(. which one is better why?
  3. J

    Fox DHX RC4

    Right, this is my first time on here so if something's wrong just correct me ... I've just purchased a second hand dh bike (a giant reign x0 2009 if I'm correct) and it had an upgraded rear shock on it and it happens to be the fox DHX rc4 spring ... now, I'm 200lbs there or there abouts and I...
  4. MountainGuru

    Important Question

    Which Mountain Bike should i buy? Specialized Rockhopper comp 2017, or the Diamondback Line 2017?
  5. Fonzie18

    For Sale Intense M16 Large

    For Sale! Large Intense M16 aluminum Black Rock Shox Vivid R2C #450 spring Frame is in good shape with the usual scuffs from shuttling. There is a ding near the Bottom Bracket (see photo) Please respond to: Fonse03@gmail.com
  6. R

    Automated Gearshift System

    Hello, First I'm new to the forum and would like your help to get some opinions. I'm doing a project in my Industrial Automation course at my Institute of Technology regarding a monitoring and automated gearshift system for cycling. And for programming and setting some parameters take into...
  7. F

    For Sale 2014 Santa Cruz 5010c - XL

    2014 Santa Cruz 5010c - XL Minor scratches Fresh bearings all around Fox CTD Kashima I'm 6'2" and ran a 50mm stem. Perfect fit $1700 shipped OBO Paypal - U.S. buyers only
  8. S

    Bike 3D Configurator

    Our team has created a test project Bike 3D Configurator and now conducting a poll in order to understand the need of developing the project as a whole. Bike Configurator is available in a web browser and as an app for Android tablets; for iPad version is still developing. I will be glad to hear...
  9. Bigfoot92

    Bad Ass Halloween Shirt - Shred Till Yer Dead!

    New shirt coming out from Snyder Cycles in Atlanta, just in time for Halloween: Pretty badass, if you ask me. Get them here
  10. W

    GoPro3: Downhill in Sweden

    Video of me and some friends riding downhill in Sweden and filming with the go pro hero3 black!
  11. G

    Maxxis Tires Gravity East Series 2013 Race #6 hosted by Blue Mountain Bike Park

    Maxxis Tires Gravity East Series Race #6, hosted by Blue Mountain Bike Park A USA Cycling Sanctioned Event, USA Cycling Permit #2013-2789 All USAC Rules and Licensing Rules Apply Series Rules can be found here: http://gravityeastseries.com/schedule/ Contact info...
  12. M

    Amazing bike videos

    My name's Mirek and I would like to introduce you to a project I have founded. It's called bikeous.com, it will be focused on hand selecting best mountain bike videos from internet. I add 4 - 6 new amazing bike videos every day and i don’t plan on stopping! :) Check out...
  13. fortfun

    New training facility for Bikes, Skate and Snow with RAMPS and AIRBAG near DENVER!!

    Come meet the guys from Progresh, a new training facility in Thornton for Bikes, Skate, Ski and Snowboard along with gymnastics training. The facility will be equipped with multiple ramps into an AIRBAG, trampolines, flat drops, rails, media room and much more. Check out www.progresh.com and...
  14. sbstianfreeride

    Hey southern monkeys, if your looking for great DH bike sold locally, look here!

    Im gonna have to sell my bike because I have some financial things to take care of, and soon! So I'm going low on the price... The bike is in great shape, has good components and its a good race build. There are a few things that need attention. The fork needs some heavy maintenance work done...
  15. A

    Anton USA EDIT

    I just made an edit from my hometown / Hanover, NH. I haven't found any BMX rider around here.. so I'm always riding alone when I'm up here, it sucks. But I'm still enjoying it, ofc. https://vimeo.com/42658668 Regards, Anton.
  16. G

    DH Frame detection

    Hi, as title says i need help to identify my model, year and manufacture. ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting ImageShack® - Online Photo...
  17. M

    Specialized jump bike P2

    Hi, inspired by danny mcaskill I have decided to sell my bmx and buy a trial street bike. for around £300. i found a nice Specialized Jump Bike 2009 P2 on a particular auction site and was wondering what the people in this forum think of it? or if they think theres better bikes out there? any...
  18. S

    Zerode bike Art video.

    I had to learn the Sony F3 camera for work ,so I shot this little video of my DH bike in the workstand. nothing really happens ,just a bit of bike art.
  19. C

    Casey Mahoney Brad P Needs Advice

    Hi! I live deep in the mountains and looking for a bike that can easily make it up steep hills.Looking for a very light weight one.I am getting into biking and need some serious advice. Casey Mahoney Brad p "Long name- My parents did that"
  20. T

    Is this a good dj bike?

    Hey guys, im new to your forums and relatively new to dirt jumping and bmx. I recently moved to bellingham next to the bellingham dirt jump park (look it up, its on youtube) and thought i would give it a shot. THe bike i am currently riding is an older mongoose frame (mid 90's?) with fly bars...