1. C

    Casey Mahoney Brad P Needs Advice

    Hi! I live deep in the mountains and looking for a bike that can easily make it up steep hills.Looking for a very light weight one.I am getting into biking and need some serious advice. Casey Mahoney Brad p "Long name- My parents did that"
  2. T

    Is this a good dj bike?

    Hey guys, im new to your forums and relatively new to dirt jumping and bmx. I recently moved to bellingham next to the bellingham dirt jump park (look it up, its on youtube) and thought i would give it a shot. THe bike i am currently riding is an older mongoose frame (mid 90's?) with fly bars...
  3. Downhillbiker23

    2012 Parts Advice

    So for 2012 I am getting a 2012 Transition Tr450 I cant decide between a few parts First is the Fork I love the Dorado its my first choice Never rode a 40 but thats an option or a 2012 888 by marozocchi Next is hub choice Deetracks or Hadley or Phil Wood
  4. A


    Rider: Ayame Video & Audio Edit: AbadBoy Recording: AbadBoy ( and Ricardo got some scenes too) Participants: Râzvu as spectator & judge, Ricardo as additional shoots. Camera used: Sony Cyber-Shot, Super SteadyShot DSC-T20; 8.1 megapixels Software used for edit: Adobe After Efects CS4, Adobe...
  5. max.broman

    To start?

    Alright. So I've been biking since I could walk, and I'm really fast, but don't have the skills I need. I'm riding a hard tail right now, but I really want to start racing downhill. It's gonna be awhile before I can even afford a used downhill bike :(, so what can I do on my hard tail that can...
  6. R

    Do you think I need a new bike?

    I have a 2001 Schwinn Pro stock XS and recently the chain snapped and my chain wheel bent. I kind of want a new bike as im starting to get a bit better(also I do dirt jumps/street and this is a racing bike). Although I feel it would be stupid to get a new bike over two small pieces breaking...
  7. V

    YEE-HA! 2011 Massanutten Downhill Preview

    HOTEL ROOMS! I heard a voice message today when I called 540-289-4914 that there are not hotel rooms available for April 29, 2011. Please ask for Bob and mention the YEE-HA! bike event to reserve one of the few rooms blocked. Book your room and pre-register now to save yourself money. New...
  8. R

    Don't know where to post this,but need advice?

    I have some dirt jumps about 8 miles from me,the only person I dirt jump with(also my best friend) and I have mopeds and I said we can just strap the bikes to them and drive there,yet he insists on biking the whole 8 miles on bmx bike because he is afraid of his bike falling off. Do you think it...
  9. yesimaddicted

    Looking for a small SS bike

    Im at U of O and i need a mountain bike. plain and simple. i will not lock my nomad outside in the racks and currently dont have room for it in the room. anyone in the area have an small cheap SS that they want to get rid of? something that can be stored outside if it has to be. not to many...
  10. Z

    toxic sludge and aluminum sourcing for bikes

    Given the potentially catastrophic toxic sludge flood in Hungary I was wondering where most of the aluminum for bikes comes from. Are there companies that give consideration to sourcing aluminum from suppliers with good environmental records?
  11. D

    /!\ DéSaXé World Ride 2010 /!\

    DéSaXé World Ride 2010 European Master "City Voice" Location: Grenoble, France. Date: 25th June (Giant Slalom in Sassenage, France - 8kms away from Grenoble) - 26th June - 27th June Disciplines: *Straight, Special and Giant* *Straight and special on the flat at the Olympic Stadium*...
  12. M

    Bionicon demo day in Marin County, April 24

    Like German engineering and beer? Come over to Gestalt Haus in Fairfax on Saturday, April 24th, from 10AM to 3PM, to test ride the most versatile and fun mountain bikes on the market! Bionicon bikes have a unique, adjustable geometry / suspension design like no one else in the industry--with...
  13. R

    Need help!!

    Hey guys, I have a 20in. bmx dirt jumper.For some reason when I go off some of the jumps I tilt the bike unintentionally in midair thus making me crash.For example if you where looking straight at me jumping from being then the bike would be like a forward slash in midair like the bike would be...
  14. N

    Rogue trail builders clear mile-long off-road bike path in Portland

    This is ridiculous, we clear huge land masses for roads etc, but if someone build's a 12" bike path, they have destroyed the forest. At least the people who built the trail were enjoying the forest. I am almost speechless. Link
  15. huckerAJ

    g.h.y. bikes in Renton bobsled chainless race

    Hey guys we are going to have a downhill pumptrack race. It will be Feb 28th...Sunday. Located near Tapeworm on the south side of the powerlines. Start around noon and have a BBQ, Beverages, and a BBQ. Last one was pretty chill. Check it out at gohuckyourself.com
  16. gfisher270

    New Cross Country Design Feedback

    My friend just showed me this new design. He would like some feed back and he wants to know if anyone would buy it. It looks pretty good to me but its mostly for cross country and i think it would work well.
  17. E

    Any Saskatoon Riders?

    Hey there everyone I am a girl looking to find some riding buddies! I will be going up to B.C. to do some DH with my boyfriend this summer but I want to know if there is anyone out there who would like to join in Saskatoon SK anytime soon. I am sooo bored and need to get out take pictures and...
  18. S

    Can I change this into a Single Speed?

    Hi, The title pretty much says everything. I'm ok with bikes so I can understand some parts, but don't excpect me to know all the parts. I have a few pictures of the parts on it now. The lower the price the better. Thanks
  19. EGGS

    some new dh chain ? ? ?

    i was recently told that theres a dh specif chain on the market with thicker outer plates 9 same size inner plates) so it works on 9 speed cassettes .. any one got a name for it ? link any info . id be int this if i could find it thanks in advance
  20. gfisher270

    Jamis Website

    On the Jamis website i was looking around and i noticed there are pictures and references of George Ryan and Diablo! http://jamisbikes.com/