1. P

    Bike Slingshot

    We created a bike slingshot in my engineering class at school. We posted a video of it up on MetaCafe. Here is the link to the video. Check it, out tell me what you think.
  2. huckerAJ

    New world disorder premier…Friday…October…24th

    You really need to go to g.h.y. to scope what is going to go down. This could be the best night at skatebarn all season. Pro's, Prizes, Movies and mayhem. Just like everytime we party.
  3. firetoole

    Help a monkey out pleeeeeese...

    So My wife and I do wedding photography "www.tooleart.com" in MI and there is this stupid contest a local Fox station is putting on... It's a "Best of 2008" deal and we entered kind of as a joke not thinking we would do very well. But we were pretty steady at 4th for a while. (wich is good...
  4. A

    Demo 8 sizing

    I'm looking to be a Specialized demo 8 but i don't know if a medium would be the right size for me, as I'm new to the sport. I'm 5'10 - 5'11 can any one help, heres there products on the bike if it help at all. - demo 8 frame, black, 17" - boxxer 06 - manitou 4way (demo's where designed...
  5. M

    What do you think?

    I have an image here that I need an educated guess on. Yes, I cut the fork, headset and bars out of the image, because they were a distraction form what I am looking for. Assuming that the bike will take an 1 1/8" threadless stem, (based on the geometry shown) what do you think the biggest...
  6. R

    Marzocchi Z1 QR20 Fork (2004)

    I recently bought a mountain bike with a Marzocchi Z1 QR20 Fork (2004). I´ve been having trouble keeping the rebound control. I have to readjust the ETA system every time I use my bike and it´s becoming very inconvenient. I may be adjusting it wrong?? Also, when I'm riding and make quick...