1. TreeSaw

    Fall Monkeyfest - KT/Millstone?

    There has been some rumblings about getting something together and we're game if we can find a time (and place available) that works for a bunch. I can start putting something together for October if there is enough interest... Anyone?
  2. A

    Guys, can anyone suggest me the best Sports bike in the range of $10k ?

    Guys, can anyone suggest me the best Sports bike in the range of $10k ? I will be very thanksfull for this help/
  3. A

    Which one is the best Bike in the market today?

    Which one is the best Bike in the market today? Honda Yamaha Suzuki Or some one else?
  4. S

    2014 NSMBA Gear + Bike Swap - April 12

  5. Dirtlabs

    Dirtlabs Grill 'N' Chill

    Come check out Dirtlabs' new location this Saturday at our grand re-opening party. True, we never closed, but, what the hell, it's an opportunity to hang out, have some free hot dogs, cup cakes, and beer (to those 21+ of course). Where: Dirtlabs new location at 3046 Valmont Road, Boulder...
  6. DH biker

    Transistion Bottlerocket Sizing

    Hey everyone, I was thinking of picking up a new Bottlerocket for some DH/FR stuff, mainly riding places like Highland, some trips to Sunday River, and some local trails. I was looking on their website and the sizing is as follows: I am about 5'9" (maybe slightly less) so I am on the...
  7. A

    Bikes Stolen on Christmas Eve

    Hey, all! Hoping you guys can help me. We were robbed Christmas Eve morning. Thief/thieves broke into my husband's car, found his keyring with all his keys on it, found the one that opens the side door of the garage and proceeded to steal 4 bikes and a bunch of stuff from the garage (bike...
  8. E

    Stem survey for my college thesis

    Hey guys! I'm doing a thesis on designing a new stem so I NEED YOU! I've made a REALLY short survey (only 9 questions long.) just asking about anything you may have had gone wrong with a stem you have owned. Even if your stem has never failed there are no answers as well (Which do still...
  9. G

    Why so serious, forum?

    Yay first post! This is my first post on ridemonkey but I've been reading a lot. I just get to wondering why is everything so bike focused here? Every single post is a "this bike or that bike" Does nobody ever wonder about their technique, riding spots, or other stuff? Maybe even a forum...
  10. chance199

    ugliest bikes

    http://www.jensonusa.com/product/bi/BI291T04.jpg GT Ruckus I Drive 7 2.0. not saying its the ugliest, but it just doesnt look right.
  11. nauc

    ? about pedals

    whats this thing for thanks
  12. spRaYcAn14


    Whos going to diablo this week???:thumb:
  13. huckerAJ

    New world disorder premier…Friday…October…24th

    You really need to go to g.h.y. to scope what is going to go down. This could be the best night at skatebarn all season. Pro's, Prizes, Movies and mayhem. Just like everytime we party.
  14. T

    My rides, part of the Transition Family

    ok, so i decided to post pictures of my bikes, let me know what you think, and lets see what you other Transition owners have. i have had a Dirtbag since they first came out and i love the bike. this is my current Dirtbag and i must say it is really nice the best set up i have had for the...