1. Defenestrated

    Ugh...bad brakes out of box.

    Got a rear juicy 5 for my ss hardtail and it was horribly bled out of the box, they feel like trash (lever to the bar etc). Can you warranty these types of things or is it a "tough" sort of deal?
  2. Da Peach


    So I just installed my brand new Juicy 5s. It appears they are in need of a bleeding. Both levers go straight to the bar. Hardly any stopping power. This sucks arse.
  3. jacksonpt

    Hope mono minis - piston won't retract

    One piston on the rear caliper of my minis won't retract - what could cause this? The other seems to be working OK, though it may not be retracting as far as it should. I'm pretty sure the line needs to be bled, could that have anything to do with it? Anything else I should be on the lookout...
  4. bdamschen

    Avid Bleeding Help

    Ok, I may in fact be totally brake ignorant, so maybe you guys can help me out. I just slapped a new set of Juicy sevens on my girlfriends bike for sea otter. They came pre-bled and ready to go, however, after I got the levers adjusted to where they needed to be, the brakes felt a little...
  5. AdrenalineImage

    Bleeding Hayes Nine brakes

    I don't mean to sound like an idiot here, but does it take two people to bleed a Hayes brake? I have the caliper off with a nearly-vertical line to get all the air out as I squirt fluid into the caliper with a syringe. But it's taking two hands to make sure the hose doesn't slip off the bleed...
  6. jbro

    Bleeding disc brakes.

    Can anyone give me some tips about bleeding my el caminos. I know they suck everyone! Please Dont tell me what i already know, I'm looking for honest advice on how to tweak these things. They cant be that bad once you get them set up good. Any advice? (besides buying avids, i cant afford them!)
  7. cannondalejunky

    bleeding maguera brakes

    i'm getting my cc bike ready to sell, and the brakes need to be bled pretty bad...at least i think thats what it is...basically when i squeeze the lever it goes all the way to the handle bars just to get the pads to touch the rotor. i have the pads dialed in pretty close...i've had to get my...