1. E

    random pics and video's amazing

    pics and video's watch its worth it amazing. the end is the best bit
  2. E

    Sport BMX stunting and jumping

    Watch these guys they are amazing the end is the best bit. :biggrin:
  3. S

    Odyssey Plastic pedals

    Whats the go with these pedals iv heard good stuff about them but just wanna no if they have been tried and tested and wat u have to say bout them?
  4. DH Diva

    The non-political Rippin Chix Pix Thread.....

    Okay, lets see the pix ladies! Any kinda riding, big or small. I'll start off with a little blast from my past picture..... Sea Otter, circa 2000. Hitting my first real jump ever. Talk about old school, check out my cheese ball helmet, that pimp RS Judy SLC, and those gangsterific shift...