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  1. Sandwich


    I opened up four bottles of wine last night that I had been "cellaring" for a special occasion. Three 2000 bourdeauxs and one 01 Hartford pinot noir. Each bottle was AT LEAST $20... and each one had spoiled. :dead: Oh well, $80 red wine reduction sauce here I come....
  2. Upgr8r

    Bourbon suggestions

    So the CEO made a bet with me regarding how much money I could collect in 2 weeks. If I met or exceeded the amount he would buy me a bottle of bourbon, my choice (within reason). If I did not meet the amount he would fire me (running joke). As I collected more than double he owes me a...
  3. Damo

    42Below Vodka.

    This thread is dedicated to the genius that is NZ's 42 below Vodka, the most awarded vodka in the world and pretty damn tasty. 42Below: Britain: Gay: Call Centre: http://www.42below.com/