1. fred.r

    For Sale 2015 BOS Idylle RARE FCV 27.5 (almost new)

    This fork has only been used four times, totaling maybe 6-hours of use. The stanchions are completely scratch and blemish free, and the lowers have one small blemish which I've included a photo so you can see how minor it is. Other than that, the fork is as new and works absolutely perfectly...
  2. Carraig042

    For Sale 2015 BOS DH VOID

    Looking to sell a brand new take off BOS DH Void RaRe that came off of my new bike. It is being sold unridden and in new condition. Length is 10.5 x 3.5 and comes with the bushings shown. Great shock, has High and low speed compression adjustments and rebound! Buyer is responsible for shipping...
  3. Mlody

    So... I'm looking for Bos Idylle lowers

    Hey, I recently bought a Bos Idylle, and everything would be great if it wasn't cracked. I'd like to keep it, if the guy who sold it to me agrees to pay for new lower legs. Brand new lower legs from BOS cost almost as much as I paid for this fork, so I'm looking for something used. May be...
  4. S

    CCDB notes

    Since a few of you have been keen to hear my thoughts on the CCDB as compared to the BOS, here we go... Installed the CCDB a couple of weeks ago, have a few good rides under it now, fairly happy with the setup. Specs and setup are included so any other CCDB owners can get some idea of the setup...