1. DH biker

    Transistion Bottlerocket Sizing

    Hey everyone, I was thinking of picking up a new Bottlerocket for some DH/FR stuff, mainly riding places like Highland, some trips to Sunday River, and some local trails. I was looking on their website and the sizing is as follows: I am about 5'9" (maybe slightly less) so I am on the...
  2. B

    riding shots of T-Rails

    heres a few pics for your enjoyment of me riding my trails:banana: hip
  3. B


    so i finally got my T-Rails running after all the winter damage, put in a speed check roller in the start, workin on a 270 berm to roll in, to future big downhill sets, ill prop up some riding pictures when i get someone around to hold the camera. start- middle pack- hip lander to hook-