bottom bracket

  1. MTBKR415

    bottom bracket for dirt jumping

    Guys my Bottom bracket on my p1 creaks really loud when I pedal hard up hills and stuff. Does This mean I need a new cartridge?? I've never worked on a BB before and could really use some help. Thanks for all the help!
  2. N

    bottom bracket axel problems. . . deity

    got frame, got bb in correct size which is now fitted, but the axel comes out a little extra on the drive side about an inch more than the other side. is this normal ? its a deity euro bb on a jump frame.:think:
  3. BloodTail

    Help With Bottom Bracket!

    hey guys n girls, i have a jamis ranger sx stock and am upgrading to a norco 250 frame. i need to know if the bottom bracket will fit in this frame or am i going to have to buy another one?
  4. sstalder5

    1 chainring v. 3 chainrings

    well its about time to replace my cranks and chainrings... ive been riding with three up front all my life (and yes, i was one of those 11 year old kids who rode in granny rings and got in everyones way...) but as my riding has progressed ive used my granny ring very rarely and ive moved from xc...