boxxer team

  1. andyk58

    Boxer 2009 32 mm chassi . 20mm axle needed

    I need a new 20 mm axle for my boxxers iv spoke to shram and they can't make one to order as they dont make them anymore any suggestions please for temp im just going to get a piece of 12mm threaded bar and bolt it on both ends will go through middle of axle lol #nightmare
  2. H

    Trek Session FR to DH

    So I am in in the process of converting my 2009 Trek Session 88 FR to a 88 DH I am going to buy a Boxxer since the Boxxer's steerer is 1 1/8th and my current fork which is the Totem which is tapered 1.5 to 1 1/8th, what Cane Creek adapter do I need? the current headset is a ZS-3 I am wondering...