1. tidan

    For Sale Brand New 2014 Intense M9 frame

    Brand new, never built large Intense M9 frame. Frame without shock: $1500.00 With Cane Creek DB shock: $1750.00 With CCDB shock and RockShox World Cup Boxxer fork: $2300.00 Intense M9 with RockShox Worldcup Boxxer by tidan posted Aug 28, 2015 at 9:23 AMIntense M9 frame by tidan posted Aug 28...
  2. D

    For Sale Boxxer WC for sale

    '09 Boxxer World Cup, Solo air on fresh rebuild with polished internals. Comes with direct mount stem as pictured. There's a few small abrasions further up on the stanchions but does not affect performance nor does the fork have any leaks whatsoever. Steer measures 6 and 3/4 in length. I would...
  3. T

    '08 Boxxer Rebound Assembly Help

    Hi guys, I Was pulling my 08 teams apart today but the rebound adjuster would not come out. Eventually the red knob came off the Allen Key thingo which enabled me to take the lowers off. The thing is, now the Allen Key thing is still stuck in the rebound assembly and it wont even turn anymore...
  4. W

    Spring rate change by cutting springs??

    Does anyone here know how to calculate the change in spring rate that occurs when you chop a spring? The reason why I ask is that I have a pike 454 dual air U-turn that has felt horrible since day 1, and after dealing with it for 3 years, I want to go coil. I have a couple boxxer springs...
  5. guiepinto

    Boxxers - Black Stanchions

    Hey monkeys!!! Does anyone knows when the new Boxxers with black stanchions should be available? Cheers...
  6. M

    Boxxer race 06 making metalic clicking noise

    hi, i have an 2006 rock shox boxxer race that is making a metallic clicking noise when compressed and again on the rebound. It occurs about 5cm into the compression and gets louder the harder the shock is compressed. Also the compression adjuster does not seem to work anymore seeing as the first...
  7. letsgetit

    Anyone with 2011 Boxxer WC experience?

    Just like the title, looking for some real user feedback on the 2011 Boxxer WC. Wondering if the problems I heard they had for 2010 have been fixed? I.E. reliability, stiction, etc. Looking at them for my rig for 2011. Let me know what ya think.
  8. H

    Fork Grease

    I changed the springs in my '10 Boxxer Team, the stock red spring came with Red Rum on it. I did not have enough grease to transfer from spring to spring so I put Phil Wood on instead is this alright will it cause any damage? It appeared to be a thicker grease than the Red Rum.
  9. amirh1

    Boxxer Team: 1mm space above and below the head tube

    Hi, I have a Boxxer Team '08 fork installed on an EC-D DH bike. I took apart the upper crown to remove the brakes, and now that I've reinstalled it there are 1mm spaces above and below the head tube. Here are links to pics with red lines showing the spaces...
  10. time-bomb

    2008 Boxxer Maxle Question

    I am ashamed to say that I made one of the dumbest mistakes you can make with a maxle, apparently I over tightened it on my last ride. I can unscrew the internal scewer and remove it but I can not get the axel out :banghead: Any suggestions, any help, constructive critisis; it is all...
  11. D

    *NEW* boxxer PROTO

    On Sam Hill's new secret ride. So light it barely registers on the scale. Want blue nob? We have blue nob! Custom Pimp Ass ****. Some of you might even be lucky enough to see it in person at Whistler a few times this year. Although we might have to erase your memory...
  12. DTLogic

    Maxle Question???

    Will an 06 Boxxer Ride QR Maxle fit an 06 Boxxer Race? I have about stripped out my inner axle and want to replace it with a QR Maxle.
  13. F

    08 Boxxer Team help needed.

    My Boxxer Team doesn’t seem to get full travel, so I looked around the forum and found out that I should burp the lowers, but with the Team having a spring are you just supposed to burp the MoCo leg? Is there an opening in the spring leg so air can travel between the lowers and the spring...
  14. sstalder5

    Manitou Travis v. RS Boxxer v. Marzocchi 888

    Trying to decide on a fork for my new build. The frame is an '07 Kona Stinky Primo:
  15. K

    Which Forks!!

    Im building a new turner DHR but i am stuck at the ultimate question... What fork do i run?!?!?!?!? Boxxers or 40's.. so if anyone can give me there input/ post some pics of your rides with boxxers or 40's would be sick!!! thanks
  16. primo661

    boxxer problem

    i had an 04 boxxer world cup and it was really great until i snapped the arch in a huge bail, so i got a set of 04 races from a mate who had them lying around and put all my world cup parts into it, compression damper, rebound damper, silver stantions and new springs with new oil and they great...