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  1. Macho

    Hardtails for DH training?

    Just wondering how many of you ride hardtails on aggressive trails for DH training. I DON'T MEAN FOR DIRT JUMPING. I wonder is it a good thing to do? I guess any bike riding helps, but I find on steep stuff I ride totally different.. and slower...... I find it really stange and I have to...
  2. sstalder5

    Bringing sexy back.

    Anybody notice how much better looking the Subaru WRX STi is for 2011? 2010: 2011::drool: This is the first STi I've really liked since about 2006. But IMO this is the best looking STi ever. If only I had $38k laying around :rolleyes:
  3. NY_Star

    Gwin Leaving Yeti

    So i guess word on the street is he is leaving yeti. Going to GT maybe? or Intense? These are my guesses.