1. kalaius

    For Sale cult 03' XT (755) F+R brakes

    Hi, you are looking at a spare pair of the good old Shimano XT BR-M 755 disc brakes. They used to sit on my old V10 which I've sold a couple years ago not having time to use it. Found them in the garage now, they haven't been in use for a while. Both brakes have metal hoses, the rear is long...
  2. v6 4.3

    For Sale Avid Elixir 9 Carbon

    This brake is a take-off. So it is brand new but out of the packaging. It comes with the bolts, CPS washers, and bar clamp. The hose is long enough for a rear. The bleed on it is good. Let me know if you have any questions. here is a link to the brake new from chainreaction...
  3. szacsi72

    Avid Juicy 3 pad problems

    Hey guys I have an AVID Juicy 3 at home, but my idiot friend pulled the lever- when it was not on the bike. So the pads touched themself. I need help to fix it! Thanks David
  4. DTLogic

    07 Code problems

    It seems that after about two days of riding my rear brakes are soft. I rebleed them, two rides later, soft again. This went on for most of last season. :rant: Also, everytime I bleed them the fluid is foggy black. I don't think I 'm burning the fluid because I ride my wife's bike, same trails...
  5. K

    help with my formula oro brake levers

    hey guys. well, i just got in straitline brake levers to upgrade the stock ones for my formula oro biancos. after i took the stock levers off, both the tightening bolts were stripped, and one of the screws that sits in the master cylinder body was stripped. so I ordered the replacement set...