1. S

    For Sale Elixir 7 carbon, barely used. $100 obo

    I have a pair of avid elixir 7 carbon. looking to get $100 obo for them. They are less ten 2 summers old. they have less then 10 rides on them. You can email me at sco7350@aol.com or call/text 716-674-4218. thanks, Shawn
  2. T

    Help to identify my Hayes Brakes

    These brakes are on my Giant 2001 XTC NRS bike. The rear brake started to loose a significant amount of pressure, and I believe that there is a leak. I would like to rebuild the brake and replace the o-rings but I am not sure which model it is. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  3. G

    DH Frame detection

    Hi, as title says i need help to identify my model, year and manufacture. ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting ImageShack® - Online Photo...
  4. S

    Who's running the hope m4 Evo brakes and what do you think of them?

    Hi everyone I'm looking to upgrade the brakes on my Zerode. I have had a ride on a few different brakes and I think it's down to the Hope m4 Evo (special edition just because they will look sweet on my black and green rig) I rode them for a day in queenstown bike park and they were sweet...
  5. ZanTehMan

    N00b biker here...

    my rear brake seems weaker than it used to be, ive been mountain biking for like, 3 days so i have very limited knowledge, is there any way to tighten the brake?:confused:
  6. MTBXRacing

    Floating Brake Arm Vibration

    I have a Haro 357 that has been completely custom rebuilt. I noticed yesterday on taking the bike had for it's second DH run at Diablo there is a vibration that seems to be coming from the floating brake arm when the rear brake was brake applied hard with a loud noise like a horn. I'm running...
  7. M

    Formula The One bore caps

    Does anyone know of any company making custom bore caps for The Ones? Such as the blue ones on the Mondraker Summum? Not a huge fan of the gold.
  8. AlCapone

    Strokers lost power.

    My Hayes Stroker Trails just lost power. Both brakes, on the same day. The rear one will barely lock, and the front one is a little worse than the rear. The levers still feel the same. Is it just pad contamination? I tried cleaning the pads and rotors with nail polish remover (what my local bike...
  9. sstalder5

    Decore brakes with avid rotors???

    i picked up a new shimano deore brake set (w/o rotors) off ebay for a steal of $85. I am going to run them with 6'' Avid rotors. Are there any disadvantages to this setup? And if it is a bad idea does anyone have any sugesstions on compatable 6-bolt discs. Also I would just like to ask why...
  10. W

    Oiled disc pads now they slip

    My front disc brake was squeeky so I put a drop of oil between the disc brake pads... Now the brake has lost all it's stopping power, even after I have wiped the pads down. I read on another forum that the oil will soak into the pads and they will have to be replaced. Before I go jetting off...
  11. T

    Bike maintenence help

    Hi. My rear brake disc (Tektro IO Mechanical Disc Brakes btw, 160mm if it matters) keeps coming loose and I don't have the right type of driver for the bolts. Closest I have is this hex wrench that kinda sorta gets the job done for like a day or two until the disc comes loose. Apparently...
  12. R

    Brakes feel spongy...

    Hey guys, I just bought a new Mongoose Tyax with Q3 hydraulic disc brakes. They were feeling fine yesterday morning and then last night the brakes were really spongy. Is this a sign of air in the line or what are some other things that could be at fault? Thanks Paul
  13. ultraNoob

    Rotor Interchangability

    I'm a definite noob when it comes to hydro brake systems. I just know they work great and help me not crash so often. I'm running Hayes Stroker Trail's on my DH rig with V8 rotors. I get that grumbling noise during a heavy panic stop. Same rotors, but I swapped the brakes out with Hayes...
  14. Sandwich

    Disk brakes and old bikes

    So due to some cracks in the rims on my new homegrown, I may go disk sooner than later. It has a 22mm rear disk mount, and I found the adapter for it, but does anybody know what calipers will work and what disk size to expect to need? I have a spare set of DH04s from my dh bike that I'd like...
  15. Defenestrated

    Ugh...bad brakes out of box.

    Got a rear juicy 5 for my ss hardtail and it was horribly bled out of the box, they feel like trash (lever to the bar etc). Can you warranty these types of things or is it a "tough" sort of deal?
  16. R

    avid code adjustment

    i have a set of avid codes, 2006 i think. i have pretty large hands but enjoy my levers close to the bar. ive moved the screw fully out of the lever so it's as far in as possible, but id still prefer it to be closer to the bar. is there any way to adjust it further then you can with the...
  17. Da Peach


    So I just installed my brand new Juicy 5s. It appears they are in need of a bleeding. Both levers go straight to the bar. Hardly any stopping power. This sucks arse.
  18. Mtnbiker245

    Disk Brake Questions

    Can you run like a Formula brake lever with a juicy rear caliper? Or any other lever with a juicy rear or does it not work?
  19. pedalkicker

    Disc Brakes

    Any suggestions for running dual disc brake setup. I was thinking either Avid BB7's (cheap) or Hope Trials (expensive).
  20. jacksonpt

    Hope mono minis - piston won't retract

    One piston on the rear caliper of my minis won't retract - what could cause this? The other seems to be working OK, though it may not be retracting as far as it should. I'm pretty sure the line needs to be bled, could that have anything to do with it? Anything else I should be on the lookout...