1. Lowlight7

    True of False: Mechanical Disc brakes

    OK, just ordered my first set of disc brakes. I remember reading (years ago) that if the brake lever is pulled while the rotor is removed, I'll seriously screw up my calipers. I need to store my bike with the front wheel removed, so this is a concern. True or false?
  2. V

    trials bike brakes

    Hey guys, just wondering about the brakes on trials bikes. I see so many setups with a disk in front and U breaks or V breaks in the back. Why is that? I thought disk break were the best, why not all around?
  3. bdamschen

    Avid Bleeding Help

    Ok, I may in fact be totally brake ignorant, so maybe you guys can help me out. I just slapped a new set of Juicy sevens on my girlfriends bike for sea otter. They came pre-bled and ready to go, however, after I got the levers adjusted to where they needed to be, the brakes felt a little...
  4. D

    mechanical vs. hydraulic discs

    I am new to serious mountain biking and I am planning on getting a new bike. some of you know me as the annoying kid that posted the beginner bike help threads and the Gt avalanche threads. I am sorry about all that but I have a question. what are they differences/ pros + cons of mechanical or...
  5. AdrenalineImage

    Bleeding Hayes Nine brakes

    I don't mean to sound like an idiot here, but does it take two people to bleed a Hayes brake? I have the caliper off with a nearly-vertical line to get all the air out as I squirt fluid into the caliper with a syringe. But it's taking two hands to make sure the hose doesn't slip off the bleed...
  6. B

    clicking brake

    ok so i just bought an 08 hope mono mini from: http://www.universalcycles.com/shopping/product_details.php?id=15133&category=26 so ive mounted it according to its instructions and ive tightened down the torque bolts for the rotor with the rotor in the right spinning direction. when i brake, and...
  7. jbro

    Bleeding disc brakes.

    Can anyone give me some tips about bleeding my el caminos. I know they suck everyone! Please Dont tell me what i already know, I'm looking for honest advice on how to tweak these things. They cant be that bad once you get them set up good. Any advice? (besides buying avids, i cant afford them!)
  8. G

    hayes stroker lever returning slow

    I have some new hayes stroker trail brakes. The left lever returns very slowly to its original position when you brake. Does anyone know this problem? What can I do? I sprayed some teflon spray in the master cilinder (without dissasembling) but that did not work? Any ideas?
  9. cannondalejunky

    bleeding maguera brakes

    i'm getting my cc bike ready to sell, and the brakes need to be bled pretty bad...at least i think thats what it is...basically when i squeeze the lever it goes all the way to the handle bars just to get the pads to touch the rotor. i have the pads dialed in pretty close...i've had to get my...
  10. wannabeabonedoc

    problems with shims for shimano brakes...

    Ok, so I picked up a marzocchi z.150 and a front wheel with a Hayed/Dt swiss 20mm hub on it. Hooray. The problem I'm having is that to put on the brake calipers on the fork, I have to put like 13 shims in order to make the disc fit in when I put the wheel on (see picture below). The problem now...
  11. D

    changing juicy 5 pads

    I have never changed pads before. It does not seem too hard to do, but any tips on changing juicy 5 pads would be appreciated.
  12. M

    Brake Issue

    I have some Diatech Anchor Brakes. I noticed that the front wheel did not spin and found out that the calipers closed in on the rotor (I am not sure how this happened and if someone knows, please tell me). I later took out the wheel and squeezed the lever, which made one of the pistons come out...
  13. X3pilot

    Rear brake question

    I have a Haro X3 that currentlt has Hayes 9 hyd. brakes. My rear brake just crapped (blew a tear in that rubber thing in the reservoir). My question is this: how terrible would it be to run a mechanical disc brake on the rear with the big rotor and leave the front hydraulic? I don't scream...
  14. A

    rear wheel hopping with hayes disc brakes?

    I've heard that rear wheel hopping on a bike with disc brakes will cause the rotors to snap. Any truth in this?
  15. S

    magura hs-33: bolts & hosing

    I need some new hydrolic hosing for my magura hs-33's. first of all, i'm curious: is it cross compatible with other types of hydrolic hosing, or at least other magura hosing? Also, I can't find my dog-bone bolt for the quick release lever for the (magura hs-33) caliper on front. Anyone have...
  16. Mtbike

    Rear Disc vs. Rear Hydro Rim

    Is it easier to do rear wheel moves with disc or Hydro rim? Any help wouldbe appreiciated. :D
  17. Dirt rider

    rear discs and trials?

    OK so I went riding with a friend of mine who is very serouis about trials matter of fact thats pretty much all he rides. anyhow he told me its not a good idea to do trials on a bike with a rear disc as they can rip off, and the frame I have has no v- brake posts ( 15'' 04 kona stuff with...
  18. Dog Welder

    Can I fit a HS33 to a bmx bike?

    Just like the title...can it work? any mods I'll have to do? Thanks.