1. If You Build It

    Building a trick jump... advice please

    I have a 6' tall wood jump lying around, and I want to set it up at my current trails as a trick jump. The terrain at my spot is very flat and open with a slight downhill slope in the direction of the lines (hence, nowhere to really put a step-up). -With the way I built the wood lip, I can...
  2. G

    Make your own wooden bike!

    For anyone with plywood building skills, you can take an old beater and turn the frame into wood! http://www.instructables (.) com/id/Wood-Bike-2/ This guy shows you how to do it step by step. All he really does is trace the frame outa bent plywood, but how amazing is that result?
  3. C

    Need Help Chosing Parts For A DJ Bike

    I'm planning on building a DJ bike that is SS with 24" wheels so it needs to be fairly light but also stong. I quite like the look of the yeti DJ 2009 or the DMR transition purple has anyone had any experiences with either of these frames? Also i would like to have some Halo SAS wheels and i...
  4. guiepinto

    Spoke Length Calculator

    I’m about to build a new wheel and am not sure about the spoke length I need. The wheels will have: - Hope Pro II hubs - front = 20mm - rear = 135x10 - Mavic 823 rims (32 holes) Can someone help me calculating the spoke length I should get? Cheers…
  5. huckerAJ

    Pumptrack/Bobsled party Sunday the 25th

    GoHuckYourself is throwing a little end of year jam/race/BBQ at the local trails in Renton just above the shop. Check out the post at our site or stop by the shop and we will give you the low down.
  6. parismt

    Need Help with RM Slayer SXC 70

    Here is the deal- I am getting back into biking- I dont know why I left- mainly because of money issues... I just bought a Rocky Mountain Slayer SXC 70. _ I like to ride up hill, get some burn, then mach downhill- I live in Bozeman, MT and we have some good trails all around us. Well I just...