1. W

    Pump Track Politics

    I am currently living in Winston-Salem, NC and am interested in building a pump track at one of the local parks because there isn't a public pump track in the Winston area. That said, I contacted the local trail boss/guy who runs parks and rec for the city. To my surprise he said, "I have...
  2. If You Build It

    Dirt Jump Building - Techniques and Tips

    After hundreds of hours of building dirt jumps, I have learned a lot of little things the hard way: through trial and error. I'm starting this thread as a place to post all of the little building tips and tricks you've learned along the way so new builders and diggers can learn to do things...
  3. S

    single speed build

    ive been riding trials for about 5 years and have become bored with my michican trials... there is no vetical climb so i had the idea of going single speed. i still want to keep my regular bike for when i go to places with more vetical climb. so what i want is some tips, pointers and help on...
  4. B

    Backyard dirt jumps

    we have lots of wood not a lot of plywood and no direct source of dirt so were were digging a lot does anyone have advice about building dirt jumps?
  5. ohio

    D3.1 and Alpine III build notes

    This should probably go in the Mech Forum, but given the components, it's probably more useful here... So last night, I finally got away from work early enough to lace up the new wheelset: D3.1s, Hope Bulbs, DT Alpine IIIs, 16mm brass nipples. They didn't get tensioned for two reasons: 1...