1. KenW449

    Great deal or sketchy?

    As MTBers, there are not a lot of things that can sketch us out as much as buying a used bike. I'm fairly new to the biking world but I'm growing quickly and learning how to handle my bike more efficiently and learning what it is capable of. Its a DB Release 1, trail bike I bought new and have...
  2. ImILL

    2011 demo 8 ii vs 2011 giant glory 00

    I am in between these two bikes, both are lightly used and I wanted to know which is the better bike and why? I am a new DH rider but I have previous experience with XC and DJing. give me your input thanks
  3. B

    Buying New BMX and need suggestions

    Ok, so im buying a new bike, problem is i haven't ridden in any remotely serious manner for about 10 years. That said i am no longer knowledgeable on this stuff, so i have come here in search of answers. Ive looked through threads to try to scrounge some knowledge but i still feel far to...